Michael and Debbie Bannon

Michael and Debbie Bannon serve as missionaries to Ireland with WorldVenture. Their main purpose in Ireland is making, serving and training Christ’s ambassadors to the nations through the local church in Ireland.  They feel that their time in Africa and Eastern Europe has helped prepare them for this very work in order to understand and minister to these people and encourage these internationals who have made Ireland their new home to reach out to the Irish around them.


Chrissy and Andrew Waldo

Chrissy and Andrew Waldo serve as Campus Ministers in Rochester, NY. This ministry calls them to interact and engage with college students with the intention of introducing them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Paul Decker

Paul Decker serves as a Campus Ambassador with Missions Door at the University of Buffalo in Buffalo, NY. Paul is regularly leading Bible studies, actively discipling new believers, and making connections with unbelieving students of various backgrounds. Paul’s wife Dondra is a great source of encouragement.


Marvin Robinson

Marvin Robinson serves with Missions Door in the inner city of Rochester, NY where he actively evangelizes the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He and his wife Denise have regularly hosted teams that have come to assist in service projects which provide open doors for the Gospel message.

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Peter and Pam Van Der Decker

Peter and Pam Van Der Decker serve as missionaries to Papua New Guinea with Ethnos 360. They are actively seeking to evangelize more tribes in this area which have never heard about Jesus Christ before. They are committed to teaching and maturing new believers as they come to faith in Christ. They also work at developing spiritual leaders so that the Gospel work can be maintained in each tribe.


Vladimir Vshyvkin

Vladimir Vshyvkin serves as the pastor of Revival Baptist Church in Brovary, Ukraine. He also oversees a summer camp ministry to children of all ages. Vladimir is from the Ukraine and has served in a number of ministry capacities prior to planting Revival Baptist.


All Babies Cherished

All Babies Cherished is a crisis pregnancy center in Batavia, NY. They minister to mothers struggling through unwanted pregnancies, offering additional options. They provide numerous resources and supplies for newborn babies. They also provide parenting classes.


Mission Aviation Fellowship

Mission Aviation Fellowship is a ministry dedicated to providing assistance through aviation and technology to people groups that are largely isolated from other forms of transportation. MAF has a number of planes that shuttle things like food, supplies, Bibles, and other Gospel-centered material to isolated people groups. They also partner with other organizations that desire to reach these people, but do not have the ability to do so. Paramount to MAF is providing the means for the Gospel to touch unreached people groups. 


Eric and Brenda Kosiorek

Eric and Brenda Kosiorek are missionaries who serve with ABWE at the Hospital of Hope in Mango, Togo West Africa.  Eric runs the maintenance for the hospital and is also involved in church planting and outreach. The Hospital of Hope is located in Mango, which is in Northern Togo. It is a majority Muslim community mixed with the animism (native religions), voodoo and spirit worship.

The hospital has been a huge tool in reaching the people of Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria and other West African countries with the Gospel.  It provides quality health care, helping to bring healing to people’s physical body, while sharing Christ with each and every patient in hopes of bringing healing to their spirit as well.

You can contact the Kosioreks at  kosiorek@abwe.cc